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From:John Taylor-Johnston Date:June 17 2002 10:26pm
Subject:FULLTEXT index matching
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I'm using this:

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $table WHERE MATCH (AU) AGAINST ('.$au.') order by AU desc");

And I get this error:

Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list

How do I modify my table to make a full text search on AU & AUS? What SQL query do I
want to run. I'm not good at indexes. Right now my structure looks like this:

CREATE TABLE ccl_main (
  id int(6) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  RNum int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
 AU text NOT NULL,
  ST longtext NOT NULL,
  BT longtext NOT NULL,
  KW longtext NOT NULL,
  AUS text NOT NULL,
  GEO text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='CCL Bibliography - Bibliographie ECC';

John Taylor-Johnston

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