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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:August 25 1999 3:22am
Subject:Re: Licensing Questions
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On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, WISE Andi * GGDC wrote:

>I am interested in seeing in MySQL will work for a Genealogy Database I am
>compiling and putting on the Internet for other genealogists to access and
>use (for free).  I have never nor plan to in the future charge for the use
>of this database or for inclusion in it, etc.  I use Windows 95/98 at home
>and work and that is the operating system I would be using to design the
>database to upload to the Internet.
>I have basically 2 questions -- can I use MySQL for creating a database on
>the Internet that others can post information to and perform searches on
>What type of license, if any, do I need for this?
>Thank you,
>Andi Wise
>Wise~Comp Consulting
>Check out the Wise~Comp Mall:
> <> 

You can put up a database that accepts input from users on the net.
It would take a little work, but not much.
There are several geneology databases online currently.
If you are running on MS, you will need to purchase the software,
otherwise there shouldn't be any licensing fee fro non-commercial use.


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