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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 25 1999 2:56am
Subject:Re: Corrupted indices w/ MySQL
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At 7:48 PM -0700 8/24/99, David Hoff wrote:
>I have a Website which is using a MySQL server 3.22.25 on an Intel dual
>processor FreeBSD 3.2 machine. The MySQL server is extremely unstable, and
>is constantly corrupting indices. A fairly light load will cause the MySQL
>server to rise dramatically, and then it is no longer responsive. I'm fairly
>new to Unix and MySQL, but I have experience on other DBMSs. We have a
>server admin, but he doesn't know MySQL or databases at all, and is
>convinced that I'm causing these problems somehow! Has anybody seen any
>problems like this with MySQL server? Any suggestions? Thanks! --David Hoff

Yeah, blame the user.

If your admin doesn't know anything about MySQL or databases, then he has no
evidence for or against the proposition that you're at fault.

How was MySQL built?  Does it use MIT threads or FreeBSD's native

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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