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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 17 2002 4:01am
Subject:Re: mysql4 info needed
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At 23:43 -0400 6/16/02, John Taylor-Johnston wrote:
>I am using 3.23 on a windows server. Three questions:
>1) How stable is MySQL4?

It's still in alpha.

>2) Will Mysql4 accept my 3.23 files if I install over 3.23?

It should, but it's *always* prudent to make a backup before upgrading.

>Most importantly ...
>3) How are the search functions improved in MySQL4?
>I heard there was a new boolean search in MySQL 4 ...
>that replaces "... where name like 'john' ..."
>that would parse my searchenquiry if I entered "+john +mary"
>that I would not have to code for "john AND mary" anymore.
>I cannot remember the keyword I'm looking for, something to
>replace 'like' ?
>I understood I could make boolean searches with a new function
>that would replace
>"like" as in this PHP script?
>$news = mysql_query('select * from '.$table.' where name like
>'.$name.' order by
>name desc');
>Where can I read more on this? What are the key words I want to
>search for in the


>Université de Sherbrooke:

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