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From:Randall Severy Date:June 15 2002 11:46pm
Subject:Working libmysqld.a for Tru64 5.1?
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To anyone who can help,

      Does anyone have a working libmysqld.a library (with the net_clear 
define patch in compiled on a Compaq Tru64 5.1 (or compatible) 
system?  I've been trying to build one for a week on one of Compaq's 
TestDrive servers and I just can't get a working library built.  After a 
lot of tweaking, I finally was able to successfully compile libmysqld.a 
from the (patched) 4.0.1 sources using gcc 2.97, but any attempts to use it 
result in a Segmentation fault in the thread functions.  I have tried 
building with the native Tru64 thread libraries as well as the MIT-pthread 
libraries, but both run into the same problem.  I have run out of ideas of 
things to try...

Best Regards,

Randall Severy

Randall Severy    severy@stripped
CyberTeams, Inc.    info@stripped
Frederick, MD
(301) 682-8885          "Building effective teams in cyberspace"

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