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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 14 2002 6:33pm
Subject:Re: C API row data not matching database data
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At 19:54 +0200 6/14/02, Hihn Jason wrote:
>I'm using the C API to return a record which has a field that contains
>(somewhat) binary data. It's been properly mysql_escape_string()ed. I'm
>using a 3.23.4x server & client.
>When I do a:
>select data into outfile 'out' from table where id='1';
>from the mysql client, I get what I expect in the outfile.
>When I do a mysql_fetch_row() and a row[0] on the same query from within the
>C API, I get similar but completely different data.
>The former is ~1800 bytes long, and the latter ~6200 bytes long.

Determined how?  strlen(), or by calling mysql_fetch_lengths()?

>Incidentally the data in the outfile contains a good number of the two char
>sequence 0x91 0x11, but in the C program, it all comes out as 0xCD
>Anyway, at the end of the data is a plain text sequence that I am trying to
>extract. I can find it ok, IF the data were there. The CAPI doesn't show it,
>and that is my major problem.
>No 0x00s exist in the datastream.
>I'm really stuck, so I'd really appreciate any help!
>Thank you!
>PS. PHP returns the same thing as the C API.

C API row data not matching database dataHihn Jason14 Jun
Re: C API row data not matching database dataPaul DuBois14 Jun