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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 24 1999 6:22pm
Subject:Re: more data editing problem
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At 13:32, 19990824, Dick Griffin wrote:
>I discovered that the xmysql windows allow me to edit
>the data in each element OK but when I press the
>button to 'accept the edit', it scoots me all the way
>out to the shell prompt and displays this cute little
>Segmentation faul (core dumped)
>Any on have a clue what that means?

It means, "Don't do that."

"That" being, whatever you just did.  In this case, "that" seems to
be "running xmysql".

Looks like xmysql is broken, maybe, or at least buggy.  A segmentation
fault is just like a Windows GPF, except in Windows it'll take down
the whole machine for some reason (i.e., "Protected address space? No,
this is a single-user OS, we don't need that.").

So either xmysql is buggy, your version of it is buggy (is it the
most recent version? is it linked with the most recent libraries?),
or your hardware is buggy (are you having other random seg faults?),
or something like that.  Probably it's xmysql.

You could try to run it with a debugger, and see if it tells you

$ gdb xmysql
gdb> run

... (program crashes)
gdb> back

... (back trace - might help a developer)

I'd suggest you try using the new gui client from the MySQL folk.  I
imagine it's better supported than xmysql (but I could be wrong, I
don't know who's developing xmysql).

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