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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 11 2002 9:05pm
Subject:Re: Mysql..Python..& ..MSQLdb
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At 16:30 -0400 6/11/02, R Talbot wrote:
>I have been using perl and Mysql together but have
>decided to try python and Mysql together.
>  I download and extracted MYSQLdb 0.35-1 from Andy Dustman's page.
>The module does not seen to have instructions for use. Can anyone point
>me to intructions or examples.

That's way, way old.  Go to:

and get the 0.9.1 release.  There's also a "Docs" link in the link
bar that will take you to some of the documentation.

>  My purpose is a user friendly GUI for users to work my database.
>   Also is anyone using Mysql and python and how do rate the combo and
>compare to perl and Mysql or PHP and Mysql.
>Bob T

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