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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 11 2002 7:41pm
Subject:Re: mysql auto_increment question
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Taylor Lewick wrote:

>Hi all. I have searched the documentation, and i found some info, but I wanted to ask
> the lsit a little more about auto_increment.
>First, if I use auto_increment, and then delete a field, I assume mysql leaves the
> remaining fields with the original numbers...
>i.e. if I haverows 1 through 10 and delete row 1, the other rows are still 2-9. Is
> this correct.


> If I want to insert something with a value of 1, is that easy to do?
You would have to supply the id in the insert statement.
Why would you want to?

>What if I decide to reorganize the rows. Must I drop them and repopulate, or can I
> just shuffle them to the order I want?
There is no organization to the rows unless your query has an ORDER clause.

>Finally, do most of you findauto-increment to be pretty useful or more restrictive, or
> both, useful but restrictive?
Very useful. Every table I generate has a _rec and a _timestamp column.
I just leave them alone.
I use the _rec to specify a single record to update, and prove to my 
clients when they did something they claim they didn't
do by showing them the _timestamp.

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