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From:Jared Richardson Date:June 11 2002 2:34pm
Subject:Re: license...
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Subject: Re: license...

| Silmara,
| Monday, June 10, 2002, 10:19:28 PM, you wrote:
| SCB> I'm developing a program, that is not free software and i'm using
mysql with
| SCB> myodbc. The question is if i need a license or not...
| Yes, you need license. Using any of MySQL API's for commercial programs
requires licences.
| Please, check it:

Perhaps the licensing page should be reworded then because that is not what
it appears to say.  (I'm just trying to understand, not start a flame war.)

<quote from the MySql site>
A license is required if:

  a.. You link a program, that is not free software, with code from the
MySQL server or clients that has the GPL copyright. This happens for example
when you use MySQL as an embedded server in your applications or when you
add not free extensions to the MySQL server. In this case your
application/code would also become GPL through the GPL license that acts as
a virus. By licensing MySQL server from MySQL AB under a commercial license
you will avoid this problem. See
  b.. You have a commercial application that ONLY works with MySQL and ships
the application with the MySQL server. This is because we view this as
linking even if it is done over the network.
  c.. You have a distribution of MySQL and you don't provide the source code
for your copy of the MySQL server, as defined in the GPL license.

To me, this appears to say you need a license if one of three conditions are

1) You embed the MySql source code in your app.

2) You have a project that will ~only~ run with MySql ~and~ you ship a copy
of MySql with it.

3) You change MySql source code and re-ship it.

It sounds like you think the second entry should be changed to say something
"You have a commercial application that uses MySql (even if it can also use
other commercial databases) even if it is being used via ODBC or JDBC.

Any further clarification from MySql guys?


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