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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 9 2002 12:13am
Subject:Re: How many MySQL tables can we open paralel
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In the last episode (Jun 08), Shoshi & Iphtach Cohen said:
> Hi experts,
> I appreciate if you could tell me how many MySQL tables we can open in
> parallel.

From a client's point of view?  Unlimited.  Internally, mysql will only
open "table_cache" number of tables at once.  If the number of open
tables reaches that limit and another query comes in that needs a new
table, it closes the least-used table.  This is invisible to the
clients, though.
> In our application (BuildaGate Suite Technology) which is based on PHP &
> MySQL, there are strange situations of data loss, and we are looking for
> information on what are the limitations of an MySQL database.
> We suspect that it is because we open more than 10,000 different tables
> in the same application, but we would like to receive professional
> technical suggestions.

Wow. 10000 tables at once is quite a lot :)  I have seen mysql have
problems when "table_cache" is set higher than the number of files the
OS allows it to open.  You'll get "file not found" errors when running
queries.  The solution is to tell the OS to allow mysql to open at
least 2*table_cache files.  I have never seen dataloss occur, though.

Are you getting any errors, or are records just going missing?
	Dan Nelson
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