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From:Benjamin Pflugmann Date:June 8 2002 12:47pm
Subject:Re: Plagued by Error 127
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On Sat 2002-06-08 at 00:58:16 -0400, tlack@stripped wrote:
> First, thanks for your response.
> I don't have the error message in front of me, but it's something like:
> # myisamchk -r table
> Data rows: 56,402
> Attempting to fix records:   0/0 something something
> Data rows: 0
> #
> Next time it occurs I'll save the detailed error message.
> MySQL doesn't crash.. if it did, that might be better! Instead it just 
> returns 127 errors and I have to take it down, fix table, bring it back up.
> I'm going to change the code to do delete * from table where 1=1 instead 
> of truncate. I really hope that will solve my problem!

Just to put it straight... this won't solve the problem, but would
work-around it, given it works (what is a solution for you, being the
one having the problem :-).

As MySQL runs very stable for a lot of people, it would be interesting
to find out what makes it unstable for you. I am not sure I can help
finding the cause, as I did not have to battle with MySQL
unstabilities before, but maybe others on the list will.

But some pointers, which will help us: In your next mail, could you
provide the data mysqlbug is gathering, too? How made you sure MySQL
is not restarting? (have a look at the uptime in "mysqladmin status").
Have a look in the mysql error log and see if anything resp. anything
strange is in there.



PS: Just to be sure, you are stopping the MySQL server while you are
    running myisamchk, aren't you?

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