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From:Thomas Lackner Date:June 8 2002 4:58am
Subject:Re: Plagued by Error 127
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First, thanks for your response.

I don't have the error message in front of me, but it's something like:

# myisamchk -r table
Data rows: 56,402
Attempting to fix records:   0/0 something something
Data rows: 0

Next time it occurs I'll save the detailed error message.

MySQL doesn't crash.. if it did, that might be better! Instead it just 
returns 127 errors and I have to take it down, fix table, bring it back up.

I'm going to change the code to do delete * from table where 1=1 instead 
of truncate. I really hope that will solve my problem!

- Tom

Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Jun 07), Thomas Lackner said:
>>A client of mine runs MySQL in a pretty high volume environment, and for 
>>the past couple months we've had a lot of trouble with corrupt tables 
>>(error 127). We've changed the MySQL version (presently to version 
>>3.23.49), FreeBSD version (presently to 4.5-STABLE), hardware (from IDE 
>>to SCSI) and of course the amount of data involved. We aren't using 
> ... 
>>I can always use "myisamchk", but usually this ends up deleting every 
>>record in the table. (Luckily for us this is an okay situation based on 
>>our application) Running myisamchk on a scheduled basis is a bit too 
>>much of a hack for me to explain to my client -- and my conscience.
> If myisamchk ends up deleting every record, that sounds really bad. 
> Does it print any diagnostics as it runs through them, or does it run
> silently and you end up with an empty table?  All I can think is maybe
> the truncate table code is acting up.  Maybe try swapping in "delete *
> from table where 1=1", or "drop table / create table"?
> Does mysql itself crash (and the table is corrupt on restart), or just
> out of the blue start returning 127's?


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