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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 8 2002 4:13am
Subject:Re: Plagued by Error 127
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In the last episode (Jun 07), Thomas Lackner said:
> A client of mine runs MySQL in a pretty high volume environment, and for 
> the past couple months we've had a lot of trouble with corrupt tables 
> (error 127). We've changed the MySQL version (presently to version 
> 3.23.49), FreeBSD version (presently to 4.5-STABLE), hardware (from IDE 
> to SCSI) and of course the amount of data involved. We aren't using 
> I can always use "myisamchk", but usually this ends up deleting every 
> record in the table. (Luckily for us this is an okay situation based on 
> our application) Running myisamchk on a scheduled basis is a bit too 
> much of a hack for me to explain to my client -- and my conscience.

If myisamchk ends up deleting every record, that sounds really bad. 
Does it print any diagnostics as it runs through them, or does it run
silently and you end up with an empty table?  All I can think is maybe
the truncate table code is acting up.  Maybe try swapping in "delete *
from table where 1=1", or "drop table / create table"?

Does mysql itself crash (and the table is corrupt on restart), or just
out of the blue start returning 127's?

	Dan Nelson
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