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From:bvyas3 Date:June 8 2002 5:39am
Subject:Re: newbie ? Load Data in MySQL
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No, there is no way to trigger an insert automatically when you are doing a
LOAD DATA (bulk load). You will need another flat file with the appropriate
info and load that in as well...just as you have thought of.
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Subject: newbie ? Load Data in MySQL

> I am working on a project were the customer info will be uploaded to a
> database from multiple sources with a customer ID already assigned to them
> and this data needs to be related to other tables with related info. OK I
> have an auto increment column set up as the primary key to keep track of
> customer records that are being created and using it to relate the data to
> my other tables.
> here is the question....
> is their a built in or automated way to load data in bulk to the customer
> table and with each record added to that table create a record in the
> related tables with the correct primary key? or would this need to be a
> record by record individual insert to create the corresponding records.
> - my thinking is that I may have to load data in bulk, setting a flag for
> the newly uploaded data. Then do a select that finds the flags and then
> creating the new records in the related tables based on the found set.
> of course removing the flags after all other tables are updated.
> I was just wondering if their is a built in mechanism for something like
> this?
> thanks in advance.
> MySQL 3.23.39
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