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From:Ruben Roberts Date:June 7 2002 7:40pm
Subject:mySQL and eVC++ app
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I created an eVC++ app for Pocket PC that uses libmySQL.lib, but it 
won't compile.  It compiles
when I comment out any references to any mySQL functions from the 
libmySQL dll.  I initially used
mysql++ but found out that it uses STL, which of course eVC++ doesn't 
support, so I was hoping
libmySQL.lib would solve the problem.  I get "error LNK2019: unresolved 
external symbol ", and
then the respective symbols I reference from libmySQL.dll.  I created a 
VC++ app and pasted in all
the mySQL portions from the eVC++ app, and of course, it compiles, and 
when I run the app it
inserts and pulls the data from mySQL.  When I change the project 
settings to print progress
messages when linking, in my eVC++, I see where it's searching 
libmySQL.lib, but it never loads
libmySQL.dll.  Is it possible to remedy this, or is it just not going 
to work?  Thanks for your


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mySQL and eVC++ appRuben Roberts7 Jun