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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 7 2002 3:21pm
Subject:Re: MySQL and DBI remote access
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At 9:59 -0500 6/7/02, Shawn wrote:
>Geeze...  This message was sent (according to my sentbox) on 5/24/02 
>and just appeared on the list on 6/7/02 (I had given up on it).  I 
>don't know whats up with that...
>Next, what I asked for was a way to read the datasources,  NOT 
>connect to mysql.  I want to be able to see all the drivers(Oracle, 
>MSSQL, etc.) in addition to the MySQL, as well as all ther databases 
>(NOT a single one I connect to).  I just used that as an example (my 
>bad). Then I guess I could connect to them in the normal manner 
>(which I don't have an issue with since I CAN pass the username, 
>password, and host). So, the question still stands, is there a way 
>to read the data sources remotely?
>I am able to do it fine if I turn off all security, but as I 
>mentioned, there seems to be no way to pass the user name and 
>password, let alone the host.

Right.  data_sources() is essentially pretty useless unless anyone can
connect to your (local) server.  As for MySQL, you do need to connect to the
server in order to get a list of data sources (databases).  It won't just
hand out the list to anyone that asks for it.

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>Subject: Re: MySQL and DBI remote access
>>  Hi,
>>  Right from the "connect" section in the DBD::mysql manual:
>>                 $dsn =
>>  "DBI:mysql:database=$database;host=$hostname;port=$port";
>>                 $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $user, $password);
>>  Shawn wrote:
>>  >
>>  > Hello all,
>>  >   Does anyone know if there is a way to remotely call the 
>>data_source [DBI->data_source('mysql')] property to pull all 
>>available databases/drivers?
>>  >
>>  >   I can't seem to do it since you are not allowed to specify a 
>>host name, user name, or password with it.  The docs mention 
>>nothing about it using the call remotely, but I can't believe that 
>>I am the first to have an issue with it...  Any pointers would be 
>>greatly appreciated?
>>  >
>>  > TIA,
>>  > Shawn
>>  >
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