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From:mos Date:June 7 2002 4:36am
Subject:PHPMyAdmin Suggestion
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I just installed PHPMyAdmin and it looks terrific. The only thing that it's 
missing is a Check Table on the selected tables. People could check to see 
if their tables are in good working order or are corrupted. They could 
specify what type of Check Table to perform (Quick, Extended etc.)  By 
checking all the tables you could check everything in one go. I'm not sure 
why PHPMyAdmin is missing this. Or is it hidden away some where else and I 
haven't found it yet? (You wouldn't want to list each table in a Check 
Table query.) TIA


(I know I should be posting this to the PHPMyAdmin list but I don't have 
the energy to subscribe to yet another mailing list.<g> If anyone wants to 
post this on their list that would be fine.) 

PHPMyAdmin Suggestionmos7 Jun