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From:Prasanth Mudundi Date:June 7 2002 6:34am
Subject:help - newbie question....
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i'm still going through the mysql documentation.... and am trying to 
jump ahead.
i have written some perl based application. On NT it was easy to set up 
NTFS permissions on files for my security.

the process for example is opening a new request ticket. While all the 
tickets are visible(that includes searching) world wide.
new tickets need to be entered only by authorized personnel. I dont want 
to use web server authentication.
i just want to mysql authenicate a user and them let him/her add a 
request into the DB.

sample code is much appreciated. suggestions to alternate methods for 
implementation are very welcome.

i'm "Reading The Funny Manual" so please dont flame me....

thank you for your time

help - newbie question....Prasanth Mudundi7 Jun
  • Re: help - newbie question....Chris Knipe7 Jun