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From:Chris Knipe Date:June 6 2002 5:24pm
Subject:Re: I KNOW one of you LISTers has experienced this
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Only users of the "Administrators" group on NT can start system services by

Have a look in your user manager for domains, policies, user rights

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Subject: RE: I KNOW one of you LISTers has experienced this

> [snip]
> I've asked this question once before with no response (and have asked on
> other
> lists), I'll give it one more try before giving in to semi-Gates
> (my
> last holdout is the Apache server I'm running):
> Upon installing MySQL as a service, why will it not start for all users?
> Only
> my admin account allows the MySQL service to start.  I cannot start the
> service
> manually or automatically from any regular ("power user") account.
> MySQL was installed as a service using
>      mysqld-nt --install
> with no problems.  I've come across a vague reference in the manual for a
> manual installation of MySQL as a service if problems occur, but have no
> idea
> if that is the course of action to take since I don't really know why
> is
> a problem.  Putting MySQL in the startup items makes no difference.  HELP!
> [/snip]
> Kirk,
> Are you starting MySQL on individual platforms? Are you starting it on a
> server and then attempting to connect to it from another user's computer?
> the latter is the case you do not need to start MySQL, you just need to
> connect to it on the server it resides on.
> I think the lack of answer is due to the vaguery of the question. Maybe we
> can get going the right direction here.
> Thanks!
> Jay
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