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From:Ed Carp Date:March 29 1999 1:56am
Subject:Re: mySQL/ODBC/Microsft Access problems
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>I then insert a row into the table from my Access Table window, only
>filling out the textfield field.  I then save it.  If I then select the row
>at the backend using mysql I can see that it has successfully inserted both
>the timestampfield and primkeyintfield.  However Access simply displays the
>row as follows:
> #Deleted #Deleted #Deleted
>If I close my Access Table window and re-open it the row is displayed
>correctly.  So why didn't it display it correctly when first saved away?

I'm wondering if there's a bug in the ODBC layer or even in Access itself
(deity knows there's enough weird bugs in Access!) - I've seen this
behavior, too - and doing a refresh from the Access window doesn't fix it -
but if I reopen the table, it works fine.

--Ed, PADI Open Water #9707178430  (and planning a trip to Cozumel to do my

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