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From:Jay Blanchard Date:June 6 2002 1:28pm
Subject:RE: I KNOW one of you LISTers has experienced this
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I've asked this question once before with no response (and have asked on
lists), I'll give it one more try before giving in to semi-Gates domination
last holdout is the Apache server I'm running):

Upon installing MySQL as a service, why will it not start for all users?
my admin account allows the MySQL service to start.  I cannot start the
manually or automatically from any regular ("power user") account.

MySQL was installed as a service using

     mysqld-nt --install

with no problems.  I've come across a vague reference in the manual for a
manual installation of MySQL as a service if problems occur, but have no
if that is the course of action to take since I don't really know why there
a problem.  Putting MySQL in the startup items makes no difference.  HELP!


Are you starting MySQL on individual platforms? Are you starting it on a
server and then attempting to connect to it from another user's computer? If
the latter is the case you do not need to start MySQL, you just need to
connect to it on the server it resides on.

I think the lack of answer is due to the vaguery of the question. Maybe we
can get going the right direction here.


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