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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 23 1999 9:31pm
Subject:Re: FLUSH TABLES: when do I need it?
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At 8:53 PM +0000 8/23/99, Yan Zhang Chen wrote:
>Hi, all!
>My current trouble with FLUSH TABLES (see my previous posts) makes
>me wonder when & why I need to do it. Your experience would be
>mostly welcome.
>Since FLUSH TABLES, according to the description in the manual, does nothing
>other than closing the current open tables (in the table cache) -- so that
>any future queries to the table(s) have to re-open the table(s) --  I think
>it should be needed only after some table(s) has been altered by 
>other external
>source (i.e., isamchk). Isn't this true?
>(I'm simply so confused by the incomplete and sometimes obviously
> contradictory comments about this FLUSH TABLES throughout the
> manual and in the mail archives. Unfortunately I desperately need
> to het this working)

Can you point out which comments are incomplete or contradictory
so they can be clarified?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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