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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 23 1999 9:25pm
Subject:Re: Do I have to have table "tables_priv"?
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At 12:53 PM -0700 8/23/99, Scott Liu wrote:
>We have been using MySQL for a year now. Recently we upgraded MySQL to
>version 3.22.23b. It has been working great. In the operation of more
>than a year
>it only gave us one instance of database table corruption and it was a
>quick fix
>in minutes. The database is running and no problems have been spotted.
>I see when I restart the server is a log entry in the error log saying:
>990616 12:03:47
>    Table 'mysql.tables_priv' doesn't exist
>ready for connections
>All of our "mysql" system tables were created by
>"scripts/mysql_install_db". Do we
>miss anything? Thanks for your time.

You might want to run mysql_fix_privilege_tables.  The tables_priv
and columns_priv tables were added at 3.22.11.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Do I have to have table "tables_priv"?Scott Liu23 Aug
  • Re: Do I have to have table "tables_priv"?Paul DuBois23 Aug