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From:Keith C. Ivey Date:June 5 2002 7:57pm
Subject:Re: WHERE-ing an alias...
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On 5 Jun 2002, at 14:30, Ian M. Evans wrote:

> As per previous suggestions, I use sort_title so that film titles like
> "The Godfather" get sorted as "Godfather". In the above select I was
> trying to narrow the search down so I could grab all the films that
> started with 'G' but still using the sort_title.

There are ways to fix your query so that it does what you ask, but I 
don't think it's going to solve your real problem.  Presumably you 
also want to ignore initial "A" and "An" for sorting, and you likely 
want to ignore spaces and punctuation as well, so that "God's Army" 
and "God Save the Queen" don't come before "Godfather".  And you 
don't want to be calculating sort_title for every record every time 
you do anything, because that will be very slow.  I think you're 
going to need a sort_title column.

Keith C. Ivey <keith@stripped>
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