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From:indrek siitan Date:March 29 1999 1:32am
Subject:Apache + PerlHandler chains + SSI + Embperl + DBI + MySQL = problems
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sorry about posting this here, but i don't know any good
embperl newsgroups and looks like quite a couple of people
here use MySQL as their web database backend.

i'm trying to get the mixture mentioned in the subject working.
so far with no luck. the mixture works fine, until I add DBI.

my understanding from the manuals and from a common sense is,
that the PerlHandlers stacking should work like a unix pipe - 
the output is piped into input of the next PerlHandler and 
so forth.

my apache configuration statement is:

<Files *.html>
 SetHandler perl-script
 PerlHandler Apache::OutputChain Apache::EmbperlChain Apache::SSIChain

that should first process the html file and do SSI (it includes
one header file at the beginning and footer file in the end) and
then let Embperl parse the output. unfortunately it does not so.

if i include from the source file the header and footer with the
filenames like and (non-html extension), 
the output in the browser window displays the embperl code.
if i include them as header.html and footer.html, i get the page
source in three parts, first the header (which includes
DBI->connect embperl statement) source, then an errormessage in
the body complaining about using unitialized $sth variable (which
means that there is no database connection), and then an error
message for the footer (which includes DBI->disconnect) about
the same thing.

speaking shortly, i'm a bit more than confused. why these three
files are processed separately and is there any way of getting
this mixture work like a common sense would expect it to do -
include header and footer with SSI and then process the _whole_
output as one embperl file ??

sorry again about bothering you all with an absolutely offtopic
problem. if anybody can suggest a better (embperl?) mailing list,
i would greatly appreciate that.


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Apache + PerlHandler chains + SSI + Embperl + DBI + MySQL = problemsindrek siitan29 Mar
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