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From:Steve Edberg Date:June 5 2002 4:44pm
Subject:Re: doc archive?
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I believe the docs for whatever version you downloaded are included 
in the full source distribution; they are at the top level of the 
source tree:


But yes, it would be nice for the docs in various formats for 
previous - or at least recent - versions of MySQL to be archived 
somewhere. Who knows, they might be somewhere on the site - 
I haven't looked.


At 11:05 AM -0400 6/5/02, Gary Delong wrote:
>Is there an archive of the MySQL doc? The doc at is
>for v 4.0 alpha and I'd like to get the doc for v 2.23.49
>which I just downloaded. (As a new user I'd like to be able
>to RTFM before bugging the list with dumb questions. I'll
>still probably ask dumb questions, but at least I'll have
>made an attempt...)
>Thanks much
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