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From:Steve Edberg Date:June 5 2002 12:28pm
Subject:Re: System Table
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Take a look at the 'mysql' database; the relevant tables are 'user' and 'ub'.


If your naming scheme is to name the private database after the user, 
just do something like

	select count(*) from db where Db='<insert username here>'

I just remembered - there's also a username field ('User') associated 
with each db in the db table...


At 11:53 AM +0100 6/5/02, Niall Merrigan wrote:
>Hi List
>I am just wondering is there a sysusers / systables  table in mySQL (like
>SQL Server).
>I am creating an multi user script whereby users will be able to create
>their own db on a linux box, but I will be only allowing one database per
>user.  I would like to do a lookup on a system table if it exists or if it
>doesnt I will create a table to model this.
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