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From:Chris Trown Date:March 29 1999 1:04am
Subject:MySQL and HPUX
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     Ahhhh....  Success.

     Some of you may remember that I have been grappling with trying to get
HPUX, MySQL and Perl MySQL modules to co-oexist together.  With some help from
the egcs mailing list, I got it.

     I ended up having to rebuild the library by hand using 
gcc instead of ld.

     The command line looked something like:

gcc -shared -fPIC -o .libs/ Lotsa binaries here

     With egcs and older versions of gcc, necessary routines from libgcc.a are 
copied to the final library when using gcc instead of ld.  From Jeffrey A Law

> When you build a shared library routines like __udivdi3 from libgcc.a should
> have been copied into the library.

     Monty, was ld always used?  I seem to remember not having this trouble
with older 3.22.XX versions.

     Is there some way we can get this incorporated into the distro?  Not that
it's a big deal, now that I know the solution.


What's the point?

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