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From:Chris Knipe Date:June 3 2002 5:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL + cygwin
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the help / comments re cygwin.  I'll definitely be giving
some of them a try.

Terry offered a pre-compiled binary which I am busy getting at the moment
that I'll have a look at to see how nice it is.  I'll also be very tempted
to compile my own versions.... However, as funny as this sounds, where on
earth is the source code for mysql (and which platform do I get for cygwin??
standard linux glibc??)  All I seem to get from the site is
precompiled binaries... Maybe I should just have another look.

Viliam also made some shocking (for me personally at least) claims in
regards to mysql under cygwin / win32.  I think it's safe to say that under
cygwin / win32 mysql sockets won't operate.  I don't believe win32 supports
this, and all connections will have to be tcp/ip based (which suits me
perfectly, seeing that the applications requiring database access, and the
database itself would be on two different systems).  I have no reason why
most of the perl stuff would not be working however... I'll definitely look
into this.  Perhaps perl under cygwin requires the use of Win32::ODBC
instead of DBI (it's possible I suppose).  Everything perl wise I've done
(mostly on ActivePerl - Win32) uses Win32::ODBC to establish database
connections and transactions, while DBI is used in exactly the same manner
or code for the *nix equivalent.

If anyone's interested, and if I am successful in my attempts to get cygwin
+ win32 integrated together on the two unique platforms, I'll be more than
happy to make the binaries available as a "port"... I don't have anywhere to
host this at the moment, but I'm sure someone here will be able to organise
something...  Maybe I can even get to stash it under the contrib sections at  But yeah, let's first wait and see how things turn out.. Maybe
what I intend to do isn't possible in practise....


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Subject: Re: MySQL + cygwin

>         Hello Chris,
> I would recommend to try to compile MySQL itself under cygwin (or you
> already tried it?). Just use GCC version they suggest (I failed to
> compiled it using GCC 3.1).
> BTW, if you succeed, I would really appreciate if send me
> mysqlclient-library compiled under cygwin.
> CK> Anyone have any ideas on how to get MySQL to work under cygwin?
> CK> I'm especially interested in getting a libmysqlclient which is
> CK> with cygwin so that I can use it to compile various other program
> CK> require the library...
> CK> Currently, I run mysql 3.23.49-max for Win32 (NT 4.0) because I do
most of
> CK> my development thereon, but lately, I've been starting to integrate
> CK> DB and PHP related functions into my unix like system (which is
> CK> non existent).
> CK> Because of this, the closest I can find to running both a linux
> CK> and a Win32 platform, is cygwin.... But alas... No mysql for cygwin,
> CK> for Win32?
> CK> And I can't use the Win32 includes or libraries to compile other
> CK> software via cygwin, it complains about a incompatible host type...
> CK> <snips lots of ./configure stuff>
> CK> configure: warning: /cygdrive/d/mysql/lib/opt: invalid host type
> CK> configure: warning: /cygdrive/d/mysql/include: invalid host type
> CK> configure: error: can only configure for one host and one target at a
> CK> </snip>
> CK> Any idea's or help will be appreciated...
> Best regards,
> Yegor
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