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From:Daren Cotter Date:June 1 2002 1:06am
Subject:Query Problem
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I am having major troubles creating this query...ok here's some
background info:

I have three tables: members, which contains info about the member, such
as city, state, zip, marital status, etc; interests, which stores just
an interest_id and name; and member_interests, which stores just
member_id and interest_id.

What I need to do is create a query that selects certain members from
the DB depending on certain demographics. For example, the query might
need to select all members from the DB where their country is USA,
Marital Status is Single, and have "Golf" selected as an interest. The
first two are no problem...but, is there any way to create ONE query
that would validate all the info stored in members table, as well as the
member_interests table? And if not, can someone provide a sample
solution method?


Query ProblemDaren Cotter1 Jun
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