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From:Yegor Bryukhov Date:May 31 2002 8:04pm
Subject:Re: HELP: MySQL Dynamic Structure
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>         MySQL alone cannot represent a complex data-structure.

not true at all, it's just not object oriented but don't you know that 
there is still no good (consistent and "complete") theoretical model for 
OO-DBMS. Relational Model _has_ good underlying theory and I think this 
is the main reason of worlwide success of RDBMS.

>         Re-modeling of MySQL data is required in Perl, PHP, Java,
>         etc.

This is called semantical impedance and best minds of mankind found no 
solution yet.

>      *  MySQL needs to have the ability to add properties to
>         columns and tables.

>         If I change one column, add one field, play with one
>         table... I have to go into all of that code in all of
>         those languages and mess with either how the front-ends
>         and/or how the back-ends are interpreting the
>         data-schema.

1.When you change semantics of one part of a system you have to reflect 
it in all other parts of the system. I'm afraid there could be no 
automation for most general kind of semantical modifications.

2.The more flexibility and dynamic behaviour (of the system) you want 
the more overhead you'll get (in general).

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