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From:Patrick Nelson Date:May 31 2002 7:02pm
Subject:RE: SSH & Replication
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Melvyn Sopacua wrote:
>Does MySQL have any facility for using SSH to tunnel ports for use in
>replication? Has anyone implemented anything like this?
>We can't just assume if we create an SSH tunnel manually that the
>connection will stay up.

There was an excellent piece in August 2001's Sysadmin, that described
just that - for an intrusion detection system - but the principals remain
the same.
Unfortunately, it's not been published online:

"Distributed Intrusion Detection with Open Source Tools   Jason Chan

Chan presents an example of an intrusion detection system comprising open 
source tools such as Snort, OpenSSL, Stunnel, and MySQL. "

I remember that Stunnel is used to provide the tunneling and looking at 
that site,
there's a complete example available:

Although I have not done this, couldn't you could use ssh port forwarding?

ssh -L <local port>:<mysql host>:<hostport>

then use 

mysql -h <local host> -P <local port>

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