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From:Benjamin Pflugmann Date:May 30 2002 9:00pm
Subject:Re: Interesting datetime problem
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I meant the system environment variable. I do not really believe that
it causes the problem, because it shouldn't be able to shift by a
whole day. But this is the only thing I know of which may influence
time values. On second thought, I really think it isn't TZ, because
that influences only the value of NOW(), but not of constant values.

So please post an example (i.e. INSERT and SELECT), which shows the
problem you describe and a DESCRIBE for the table in question.



On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 06:20:04PM -0400, khcarlso@stripped wrote:
> You could be correct about the time zone problem in this sql.   I'm somewhat
> of a MySQL newbie -- do you mean the system environment variable or is there
> a MySQL environment variable for TZ?
> > Maybe your TZ (timezone) environment variable is set to a strange
> > value? If not, could you provide a full example, so that we can try to
> > reproduce it and see whether this is a local behaviour of your machine
> > or a common MySQL behaviour.
> > > I have an interesting problem when updating columns of type DATETIME.  It
> > > seems that exactly one day is subtracted from the DATETIME value that I
> > > submit in an update query.  Has anyone encountered this?  Any ideas?

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