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From:Jeff Hertel Date:May 30 2002 5:13am
Subject:Creating A New Database (NEWBIE)
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GlacierPlease Be KIND...

Good Day,

I will attempt to give you as much information about the software as I can
before I ask the question(s).

My computers OS is Win98 SE.

I have downloaded MySQL Version 3.23.45 for Win 98 and, have installed it to
my machine. I have also downloaded and, installed MySQL-Front Version 2.2 &
My ODBC Version 2.50.39.

I have been creating databases for years using MS Access. However, my
largest db is well over 1Gig. And as you must know that Access has a very
hard time processing after a Gig of info. I found out to my delight about
MySQL and figured on moving the info to it.

But I am having a lot of problems creating a new database in MySQL. OK, here
we go...

When I hit the MySQL-Front Icon, I get the "Connection to MySQL-Host". Now I
click on the "New" button. I get the description screen, I type in the name
of the new db. OK, now I get the Connection to MySQL-Host" again. And this
is where everything falls apart.

What goes where:

Description:    Database which you want to work on? (Yes or NO)
Hostname / IP:     HELP!!!
User:    Is it ROOT, ME or What? NOTE: I am NOT using a server.  I merely
want to use MySQL for its processing power.
Password:    (YES or NO)
Port:    3306 This is what is in there now. I'm assuming that this is a
"Local" port. Does this stay the same or is it suppose to be something else?
Timeout:    Please explain.
Database(s):   Here I go again, trying to assume. Is this the name of the
database that you want to work on?

I know a lot of people ask you a lot of dumb questions and, what I ask must
be at the top of your, "Hey guys, look at this e-mail" but, I could really
use the help.

Thankx so much for reading this,

Jeff Hertel

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Creating A New Database (NEWBIE)Jeff Hertel30 May