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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 30 2002 1:07am
Subject:Re: Filemaker Pro and Dates
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At 23:45 +0100 5/29/02, Cameron Murdoch wrote:
>Hi all,
>I apologise if this question has been asked recently; I have checked the
>list archives and could not see anything.  This is my problem:
>I am trying to convert and import a fairly convoluted Filemaker Pro 5
>database to MySQL.  I have exported the filemaker records as tab delimited
>files and have managed to load them in to MySQL without too much problem.
>However I have one issue: Dates.  Of course MySQL stores dates in YYYY-MM-DD
>whilst filemaker uses DD-MM-YYYY and so when I import my delimited text file
>MySQL interprets the dates incorrectly.  I can't seem to find a way of
>changing the date format in Filemaker, nor can I figure out how to get MySQL
>to convert the dates into it's format.  Any help would be greatly
>appreciated and I apologise if this is something simple but this is my first
>entanglement with databases.

One of the scripts in the "early release" distribution is
Looks for dates in one format, converts them to another.  Might help
you out.

>I am using MySQL 3.23.49 running on FreeBSD 4-STABLE.  MySQL was compiled
>from the FreeBSD port.
>Thanks for your help,

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