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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 28 1999 6:28pm
Subject:mysql_refresh() ???
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>>>>> "Barry" == Barry  <barry@stripped> writes:

Barry> Hello,
Barry> I am using the TMySQL component for Delphi to interface with the
Barry> libmySQL.dll C API on Windows NT. The TMySQL component is dated approx
Barry> 1/16/99.

Barry> TMySQL includes a function called Refresh which resolves to mysql_refresh()
Barry> within libmySQL.dll.

Barry> Question:

Barry> I do not see mysql_Refresh() documented in the C API portion of the MySQL
Barry> manuals (3.21.29 or 3.22.20). Is this valid function? Why is in not in the
Barry> documentation?

The above old function still exists in the MySQL API, but one should
not use this anymore in 3.22.  You should instead use the SQL 'FLUSH'

Barry> The mysql_refresh function takes a parameter "Options". Is the
Barry> REFRESH_TABLES option, the equivalent of the utility -

Barry>    C:\mysql\bin\MySQLAdmin flush-tables ?

Yes, but you should instead use the SQL command 'flush tables'.

Barry> What is REFRESH_FAST?

An internal flag that a MySQL client can't use and shouldn't know
anything about...

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