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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 22 1999 6:32pm
Subject:Corruption on Demand
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul J Boyes <boyes@stripped> writes:

Paul> Hello,
Paul> I am having a bear of a time with one of our mysql servers and table
Paul> corruption.  I have seen a lot of messages that address this issue, but
Paul> none of the solutions are working for me.  If you have any answers I would
Paul> greatly appreciate it.

Paul> Here is what is happening:

Paul> -Yesterday, the device that my development database is on ran out of space.
Paul>  I notices this because I started getting the error device full errors and 

Paul> ERROR 1030: Got error 127 from table handler



Could you try to generate a new table and mail it to me so that I can
check this?

It looks like something has corrupted the mysqld binary;  Any change
you can upgrade to a new version and check this?

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