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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 24 2002 2:33am
Subject:Re: Help with REPLACE INTO statement syntax
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At 21:27 -0500 5/23/02, Andrew Lietzow wrote:
>Dear MySQL wizards,
>I have two tables, call them A and B.   The database structure is identical. 
>I want the records in B to overwrite the records in (REPLACE INTO) A. 
>This is the statement that does NOT work.
>REPLACE INTO a SELECT b.* FROM b WHERE a.field1 = b.field1
>I also tried this with the last the conditional statement reversed.  MySQL
>doesn't like my syntax.   The field names in A are identical to B. 
>TIA for any help.  
>Andrew Lietzow
>The ACL Group, Inc.

The SELECT part has to be a legal SELECT statement, which yours
isn't.  (The WHERE part names two tables, but the FROM part names
only one.)
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