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From:Dtsig Date:May 23 2002 4:22pm
Subject:Re: HELP uncancelled query
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I posted this yesterday .. and it didn't seem to catch anyones
imagination .. <sigh>

PLEASE .. the developers are looking into their side but I need to
find what could cause this type of thing to happen .. We do not have
this problem against Oracle.  I would prefer not to use Oracle for
this project as MySql really is my preferred DB for most apps.

D> I have been using MySql with php for quite some time.  DB and app
D> works quite well.

D> I now have to connect to MySql from a DB environment called
D> OpenInsight.  Not to bore you with the details but it is a 32bit
D> windows environment whose primary database is a multi-dimensional db
D> based on the 'PICK' model.

D> The connection is through MyODBC (just downloaded newest version
D> yesterday to be sure I wasn't seen a version problem).

D> Selects work great ..

D> The problem comes in during updates (I haven't tested against inserts)
D> My app selects say .. 1-6K rows which it needs to change.  Then it
D> loops through the rows .. makes the change .. and simply updates the
D> single field changed.

D> The problem comes in that every other row fails with what is being
D> reported and 'uncanceled query' (error 7).

D> Of course if I then do the process again .. every other row again
D> fails.

D> Now this eventually works itself out .. sort of a binary update <G>

D> At first I thought it was a timing issue.  So I put a wait in the loop
D> . upto 10 seconds per row update .. we went from every other to every
D> 8th.

D> Any ideas what could be causing this.  Is there a switch in the odbc
D> or the myini that i have not correctly set?

Best regards,
 Dtsig                            mailto:dtsig@stripped

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