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From:龔惠樑(Borus.Kung) Date:May 23 2002 6:16am
Subject:Re: can't connect to server2
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you can try command "ps -ef | grep mysql"
to see if "safe_mysqld" is alive
and also one or more "mysqld" processes are running

to check the socket

type command "netstat -na | grep 3306" see if you can see
the processes are listening to the socket
if the socket if not being listen, you cannot connect to it

for errors, check the file  [mysql installation dir]/var/[server name].err


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主旨: can't connect to server2

> Okay so it says that I can't connect through socket
> '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'.  So I checked and the UNIX socket is located
> here: /tmp/mysql.sock.  I'm relatively new to Linux.  What does this mean?
> -Hoa
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