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From:Steve Procter Date:March 28 1999 5:48pm
Subject:mySQL/ODBC/Microsft Access problems
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Can somebody please help with a basic mysql/Access problem I am having with
regard to getting newly inserted rows to display correctly in Access when
first saved.  thanks:-

I am in the beginnings of setting up an ODBC connection between mysql
(running under LINUX on my ISP's machine) and Microsoft Access 97 (running
on my local windows 95 pc).

I have read the mysql manual (without finding the answer to this problem)
and have managed to successfully get a basic table setup and the table
linked into Access.  The table is defined as shown below.  I am using
myodbc.dll version 2.50.2200.  In the odbc setup, "return matching rows" is

	create table test4 (
		textfield text,
		timestampfield timestamp,
		primkeyintfield int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key);

	alter table test4 add index (primkeyintfield);

I then insert a row into the table from my Access Table window, only
filling out the textfield field.  I then save it.  If I then select the row
at the backend using mysql I can see that it has successfully inserted both
the timestampfield and primkeyintfield.  However Access simply displays the
row as follows:
	#Deleted	#Deleted	#Deleted

If I close my Access Table window and re-open it the row is displayed
correctly.  So why didn't it display it correctly when first saved away?

Please send any help to steve@stripped - I would be most grateful!

steve procter

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