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From:Mark Date:May 18 2002 2:25am
Subject:Re: MyISAM -> Innodb
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From: "Sherzod Ruzmetov" <sherzodr@stripped>
To: "Edilson Vasconcelos de Melo Junior" <dirso@stripped>; "MYSQL"
Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2002 12:29 AM
Subject: Re: MyISAM -> Innodb

> I heard about Innodb here a lot, but where can i find more info
> about it. I search mysql manuals, but no results.
> Any resources?

I am getting real interested too. :) I took a look at the manual, but I did
not see answers to a simple question like whether innodb files are
compatible (query-wise) with MyISAM tables, for instance, or whether I need
to rewrite all queries. Perhaps a guru here could explain this.

My MySQL powered news server I am building may not contain the world's most
vital data; but in case of a crash, all clients connected would have their
message-ID tables screwed up permanently. And it seems like innodb can
handle crash-recovery a lot better than MyISAM tables.

Would anyone be willing to shed some light on this?


- Mark

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