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From:walt Date:May 17 2002 5:26pm
Subject:Re: Real-time data warehousing
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On Friday 17 May 2002 12:58 pm, Brad Teale wrote:
> I forgot to mention, we have Oracle in-house, and the machine the MySQL
> database will reside on is a 2 proc Sun box with 1.5G of RAM.  The Oracle
> databases reside on a 16 proc Sun box with 10G of RAM.

How are your apps written?  We use OTL libaries from
which are compiled into our C/C++ code. Moving our apps from oracle to mysql 
only requires changing 3 or 4 lines per call to the db in the code. Its not 
odbc "compliant", but still allows our apps to be "farily" portable and fast. 
We debated rewriting our apps to be ODBC compiant, but figured that was one 
more layer for bugs and we'd have to switch db platforms 4 times for it to be 
cost effective.

Have you tried Oracle on Linux? We did some testing before Oracle told us the 
cost of migrating our licence from Oracle8/Solaris to Oracle8i/Linux. We 
benchmarked our current db server, Sun Ultra single processor 768MB ram, 
against a 600Mhz 500MB ram Intel/Linux box. The Linux./8i/Intel box smoked 
our current db server.

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