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From:Brad Teale Date:May 17 2002 4:58pm
Subject:RE: Real-time data warehousing
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I forgot to mention, we have Oracle in-house, and the machine the MySQL
database will reside on is a 2 proc Sun box with 1.5G of RAM.  The Oracle
databases reside on a 16 proc Sun box with 10G of RAM.

The decision to go or not go with MySQL is not based on money, it needs to
be based on performance.  We currently use Oracle in-house for everything,
but its speed hasn't been its selling point, and for this application we
need lots of speed.  That is why we are leaning toward MySQL, but were not
sure if it could keep up with the addition of the user community.

I had one other question, how much of a performance hit would we take with
MySQL if we connected through MyODBC?

Thanks again,

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Subject: Re: Real-time data warehousing

 We're in process of  evaluating mysql vs our current Oracle 8 system.
data is much faster
in mysql than oracle according the numbers we're getting. However, from our
benchmarking, Oracle seems to be faster on the queries (no writes to db
query time). The table were running our queries against
has 46 coulmns and 14 indexes (some columns indexed twice in multi-column
indexes). All queries are based on indexed columns. We've also run into some
issues trying to delete indexes, 14+ hours before we killed the db and
data, but I may be something stupid.

One note on Oracle, $30,000+ for a single processor licence. From our
testing, it
looks like the bottleneck is disk I/O not processing power.  With Oracle,
have better control over which disks your data resides on which lets you
disk I/O better.  However, for $30k, you can buy 10  15,000 rpm drives,
them, and then buy another server for replication of data and still have
left over.
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