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From:Gelu Gogancea Date:May 17 2002 4:39pm
Subject:Re: Real-time data warehousing
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My opinion:
If your DataBase is designed for OLTP then MySQL  ver 3.23.4x with MyISAM
can be a good choice and safety.



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Subject: Real-time data warehousing

> We are warehousing real-time data.  The data is received at up to T1
> and is broken up and stored into the database in approximately 25
> tables.  Currently MySQL is doing terrific, we are using MyISAM tables and
> are storing 24 hours worth of data but we don't have any users and we need
> to store 72 hours worth of data.
> Our concern is that when we start letting our users (up to 200
> hit the database, we won't be able to keep up with ingesting and serving
> data with the MyISAM locking scheme.
> We have tested Oracle and PostgreSQL which fell behind on the ingest.  The
> current production system uses regular ISAM files, but we need to make a
> certification which requires a relational database.  Also, the current
> production system doesn't have the feature list the new system has.
> Is there a better database solution or do you think MySQL can handle it?
> If MySQL can handle it, would we be better off using InnoDB or MyISAM
> tables?
> Thanks,
> Brad
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