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From:Gerald Clark Date:May 16 2002 1:42pm
Subject:Re: Newbie asks error 1036 table read only?
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Make sure mysql owns the tables and their directorys, and has write 
privileges to them.

I talking about UNIX permissions here, not mysql permissions.

Bill Flanagan wrote:

>Hi, I recently inherited a Mysql 3.23.46 database, have some old ISAM
>tables on which I am unable to do updates or inserts. I get error
>message #1036 'Table is read only.' I am able to sign on to the database
>through the root, set myself up as a superuser in the user table, and
>have been able to set up test tables and make inserts etc. so it doesn't
>look like a permissions issue. I thought that converting the tables to
>myisam might help but of course I get the same error message. When I
>copied one of the smaller tables into a new table I was able to update
>it. (as a last resort I could do this on all the tables, but some are
>large and it doesn't really address why the problem occurred)  Any
>suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
>                      - Bill Flanagan
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