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From:Joel Rees Date:May 16 2002 1:33am
Subject:Re: UTF-8 national characters
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Sven Bentlage asked

> Is there a way to get UTF-8 national characters sets working when you
> only have user access to a database (it's my ISP's)?

Whether you use the my.cnf/my.ini configuration file or the startup
parameter, it's a startup option. You have to have access to one or the

Maybe, if they are willing to provide mysql, they will also be willing to
let you do some configuration. Only way to know is to ask your ISP. If they
don't know, you might want to put a my.cnf in your home directory, just to
see what happens. You'll need to check the manual.

> (I know this is going to upset some people, but I do not have any time
> left and RTFM won't help me right now..)

Then check it later.

> Can anyone of you send me a list/link to a list (or even better a
> download location) of all available UTF-8 national character sets and a
> small description on how to get them working as fast as possible?

UTF-8 is not supported until 4.1 comes out. But if you don't need to sort or
collate on those fields, just store it as blob and make your application
remember that it's supposed to be UTF-8, and with a little work you should
be okay.

I think.

> Thanks for your understanding and help,
> Sven
> On Thursday, May 16, 2002, at 08:40 AM, Roger Baklund wrote:
> > * John D. Stein
> >> I can't seem to find anything about character code sets supported by
> >> MySQL.  The only thing I found was a note about adding support
> >> for sorting
> >> on Unicode at
> >>
> >> What character sets does MySQL support?  Is Unicode the default for
> >> national character fields?
> >
> > There is plenty about character sets in the manual:
> >
> > <URL: >
> >
> > <URL: >
> > <URL: >
> > <URL: >
> > <URL: >
> >
> > --
> > Roger

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