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From:Daniel Lim Date:May 16 2002 12:59am
Subject:INSERT INTO not working
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Hi there,
I have MySql version: 3.23.36 running on RedHat 7.1, it has been
working fine for sometimes until a day ago when the INSERT into for new
record appeared to return OK status but upon verifying the record  isn't

This is an example;

To insert new record:

mysql> INSERT into userdata SET loginname =
'test3',lastname='test3',firstname='Testing 3',middlename='Three';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

verify inserted record:

mysql> select loginname,firstname,middlename from userdata where
loginname = "test3" ;
Empty set (0.04 sec)


Any suggestion is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Daniel Lim
UNIX Systems Administartor
NSW Dept. of Public Works
Sydney, Australia
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