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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 15 2002 8:18pm
Subject:Re: Is there MySQL version 4.0.2 ?
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At 9:59 -0600 5/15/02, Colin Faber wrote:
>as far as I know the only way that can be correct is to have one of the
>committers rename the files them selves that have duplicate names. Since
>windows isn't smart enough to realize that "ABC" doesn't mean "abc".
>Good luck getting it working under windows ;-)

The same thing happens under Mac OS X, which also uses case-insensitive
filenames.  One way around this is to clone the tree onto a system
that has case sensitive filenames, tar it up and move it to the system
where you really want it, and unpack it.  One of the "duplicate" files
will replace the other, but in this case it doesn't really matter
because they're supposed to be deleted files anyway.

>Viliam Batka wrote:
>>  Hi ,
>>  CFc> I've decided to provide a snapshot release system of the data on the
>>  CFc> server for 4.0.x you can access the nightly builds here:
>>  CFc>
>>  CFc>
>>  thank you very much for the option to download the snapshot.
>>  Just my Intention is to by involved more seriously and therefore
>>  I would like to use the BitKeeper.
>>  LBc> > You can get the latest source code
>>  LBc> > take a look at
>>  LBc> >
>>  LBc> > to see how to proceed
>>  At the moment I am using Windows 2000 and
>>  BitKeeper 2.1  for Windows. After applying the :
>>     >bk clone    bk:// mysql-4.0
>>  I have got following message:
>>  ==================================================
>>  Sfio has detected a name conflict between
>>  "BitKeeper/deleted/SCCS/s..del-Makefil
>>  e.w32" and "BitKeeper/deleted/SCCS/s..del-makefile.w32";
>>  This usually happens when you transfer file from a case-sensitive file
>>  system (e.g. Unix) to a case insensitive file system (e.g FAT, NTFS)
>>  Please rename one of the files and retry (see also "bk helptool mv")
>>  Note: You must do the rename in the sending repository.
>>  ==================================================
>>  In hope to fix it via "bk pull" and  I have used the:
>>  >cd mysql-4.0
>>  >bk pull   bk://
>>  Nothing to pull from bk://
>>  when I have checked my local copy via:
>>  >bk -r check -a
>>  I have got plenty of files that was not resolved.
>>  Am I doing something wrong or I shall forget about BitKeeper as I am using
>>  the
>>  Windown 2000? Any suggestion?
>>  Thanks,
>>  Viliam Batka
>Colin Faber
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